Zachary Saine

Chess Streamer and Content Creator

Zach is currently travelling to play in chess tournaments across Europe.

Join me on my journey
towards chess mastery.

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After a 4 year break of playing 150+ chess tournaments in ten years, Zach makes a serious return to competitive chess in August 2023 sharing his full journey on YouTube towards a title.

Return to competitive chess

Zach attacks FIDE chess tournaments with an outdated 1871 FIDE ELO.

He moves to Europe as a Student on Exchange to travel to chess tournaments.

Tough challenges arise as Zach encounters 3 titled players in Portugal's biggest tournament of the year.

All 9 games are broadcast to a live Twitch audience as Zach is the featured streamer of the tournament.

Zach faces German chess with 8 German opponents in 9 games. A FIDE Master in the final round.

The tournament marks Zach's high ambitions upon his return to the board. His ELO climbs above 1900 with +53.

Zach returns to home base in time for the first edition of the Amsterdam Chess Open 2023 in late October.

Only players rated above 2000 FIDE ELO face Zach as he enters a sturdy Group A.

The toughest tournament yet with Zach playing 2 Grandmasters and 2 International Masters, titles he had not played against before.

With a fresh year ahead, Zach starts off fuming playing every FIDE chess title possible in a 250+ Sevilla Open.

February 2024 - England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Zach takes on English chess filled with talented young players. This is the first tournament Zach faces opposition with less Elo in the first 6 rounds. All underrated players.